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          Thank you for your trust in Aihua Water Heating. Our company has professional design personnel, advanced technical force and automatic production equipment. After more than 20 years of continuous efforts, carefully designed, adopt scientific management methods, strictly in accordance with national and industrial standards to produce a variety of high-quality elegant, decorative, practical taps, bathroom accessories. When you enter this page, you have become our most honorable guest, we will smile to welcome you to come, hope to give you a good mood every day, and dedicated to providing services for you! You can contact us in the following ways.

          Foshan Shunde Aihua Faucet Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

          Q Q: 1733383136
          ADDRESS:No. two Heng Road, Rong He Tian He Industrial Zone, Ronggui Town, Foshan, Guangdong, Shunde 1