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          Aihua Water Warm Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the famous Southern Guangdong Province Shunde - Pearl River Delta hinterland of a dazzling pearl. It has rich and beautiful Pearl River. The company has professional design talents, advanced technical strength and automatic production equipment. After more than 20 years of continuous efforts, carefully designed, adopt scientific management methods, strictly in accordance with national and industrial standards to produce a variety of high-quality elegant, decorative, practical taps, bathroom accessories. The products have been selected as the recommended products of provincial and municipal building materials and sell well in the domestic market. Exports to Europe, Southeast Asia, Hongkong and other regions. It has a good reputation in the domestic plumbing industry. The company's main products are divided into kitchen faucet, shower faucet, bathroom faucet, shower and bathroom accessories series of more than 100 varieties, suitable for each family, various grades of use requirements.
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          FULL SERVICE

          • 保護產品配方Protect product formula

            Select bottle material according to product characteristics to avoid material contamination.

          • 提升品牌價值Enhance brand value

            Won the ISO9001 and 16949 certification to enhance the quality experience.

          • 整體解決方案Overall solution

            Provide bottle design, development and production services according to brand and demand.

          • 整體解決方案Comprehensive supporting services

            Provide customized gold stamping, hot silver, labeling, printing and other services.