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          service advantage

          Aihua is a professional faucet, production and sales company < br > will inevitably come first, leading the new chapter of China's faucet industry!

          Franchise advantage
            Aihua faucet as a subdivision of the industry and products has been further recognized by the market, its main performance in two areas, one is Aihua faucet from a popular point of view, the kitchen faucet color will be richer: in addition to traditional chrome plating, but also Venice copper, polished copper, stainless steel, nickel pearl, Polished Nickel and other differences The surface material of the faucet appears, making the faucet market more competitive. The number of AIHUA Faucet Agents is increasing; Second, each faucet product is more ergonomic design, and in small areas, also considerate. For example, in order to advocate water conservation, the design of a faucet with a flow device to limit the flow of water, etc., all reflect meticulous human concern.
          Marketing Management
          Aihua faucet electric hot water faucet is designed for small kitchen and toilet appliances which can not normally heat the kitchen or toilet. It is the best choice for kitchen dishes, dishes, cleaning, toilet washing, washing, washing and other hot water. Electric hot water tap is designed for kitchen and toilet appliances which can not be heated normally. It is the best choice for kitchen dishes, dishes, cleaning, toilet washing, face washing, hair washing, laundry and other hot water. 2018 home appliances exhibition, a number of regional agents have signed contracts with Aihua faucets.

          Strength support


          Request for joining

          Foshan Aihua Water Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, production and sales company from the tap, will be the first to lead the Chinese kitchen electric industry a new chapter!

          • Operation and operation

            Experience in brand operation of dragon industry or operation experience of other high-end brands in other industries.

          • Store position

            Store location must be in the mainstream medium and high-end water dragon business circle, the specific location needs the company on-site audit, approval.

          • Storefront area

            Storefront use area: prefecture level city is not less than 120 square meters, county-level is not less than 80 square meters.

          • Decoration standard

            Decoration must be strictly decorated according to the company's VI standard.

          • Company training

            The company must participate in the unified training before opening.

          • Business requirements

            After cooperation, we must operate according to the requirements of the company.


          Join process

          • 01.Telephone reservation

          • 02.Investigation and negotiation

          • 03.Signing a contract

          • 04.Store design

          • 05.Unified training

          • 06.Acceptance trial operation

          • 07.Opening activities

          • 08.Operation help

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