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          08 2018-11

          How about a tap, copper or stainless steel? After listening to the master of the faucet manufacturer of Ai Hua, I knew that many of the candidates were wrong.

          06 2018-09

          The difference between the faucets is large, so be careful when choosing them.

          The production process of tap is becoming more and more mature, and the national standard...
          06 2018-09

          Development history of tap

          The faucet in Istanbul first appeared in sixteenth Century, four hundred or five hundred....
          06 2018-09

          The type of tap, how to choose the faucet.

          The tap is the switch of the indoor water source. It is responsible for controlling and ...
          06 2018-09

          Suitable for your bathroom shower flow mode

          Generally speaking, the gentle flow is easy to relax, so many flower sprinkler design of...
          06 2018-09

          Method for prolonging life of hardware faucet

          How to properly use and maintain faucets is a headache and a headache for many users. In fact...
          06 2018-09

          Environmental protection enterprises must keep pace with environmental protection.

          In today's rapid industrialization era, it is not the first time to put forward such words as...
          06 2018-09

          New standards keep tap market share expanding

          The latest Canadian Market Research Report predicts that the size of China's tap...
          06 2018-09

          Bathroom maintenance "suit the remedy to the case" is more professional.

          For the public friends, bathroom is an important part of daily life, we are willing to change...
          05 2018-09

          Warm congratulations on Aihua Alibaba integrity communication officially opened.

          Aihua Water Warm Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the famous Southern Guangdong Province Shunde...